Flowers Causing Problems

Flowers Causing ProblemsSpring is nearly officially here. Flowers are starting to bloom, while some are overjoyed other are dreading the overload of sneezes and stuffy noses. An allergy to pollen can make you dread even the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. Though this does not mean you have to avoid a walk in the park or digging through a beautiful garden.

Most people suffer from allergic rhinitis, which is simply hay fever. In England and other places with similar climates this is the time of the year that grass and cattle feed grows. In fact, these allergic reactions are not at all due to our favourite flowers. In spring these plants all start to grow very suddenly, and the increase in allergens is also very sudden. Where green grass is growing you can probably spot many small wild flowers growing too.

The one problem that most people with these allergies have noticed is that they are sneezing for a longer period than ever before. Specialists say that this is due to the fact that our climates are getting warmer and plants start to grow much earlier on. But there is no way to stop these allergies, it’s just a matter of grinning and bearing it.


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