Flowers can be Energizers

Flowers can be Energizers

Most people would never think that flowers can give you energy but they can be better than a cup of coffee.

Nancy Etcoff recently led a study at Harvard Medical School Massachusetts General Hospital, investigating the effects of flowers that are kept in the home and the effect they have on our well-being. A group of people aged 25-60 using reporting on themselves let the team of researches know where they were, with whom they were and what they were doing, when they felt emotions and whether they were in the presence of flowers or not.

The study’s overall result was that the flowers had a positive impact on people at home on their emotions and general well-being. People who participated in the study felt they had more energy with flowers around. NASA led a similar study which showed that people feel better around plants and that plants help filter out toxic elements in the air.

[Via: The Eureka Reporter]

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