Flowers are Good to Eat Too

It may seem hard to believe but flowers are not just pretty to look at and to pick, they are actually good to eat too.

Spring blossoms used to be very popular to eat. Nowadays, we only eat the stems, roots, leaves and fruits of plants.

Flowers are Good to Eat TooAccording to Dorothy Bay, a professor of biology at Missouri Southern State University; it is not a good idea to eat too many flowers because they have an intense cleansing effect on the body. However, when the right flower is added to a meal, it can add a lot of vitamins and a gentle flavor.

Experts warn that it is important to have a lot of knowledge about different types of flowers before eating them. Some can be poisonous or contain residue from pesticides.

Stephanie Kiele, the owner of a restaurant that serves flowers, says she only serves blooms that have been raised organically. The ones found on the side of the road, or grown in nurseries possess great dangers. Kiele also mentioned that people with strong allergies shouldn’t eat flowers, in case they have an adverse reaction.

The last piece of advice given is that if you want to eat flowers, you should gradually add them to your diet, one by one, to be sure that you don’t have any negative reactions.

Most flowers that are edible have really light flavors, and there are even a few types which are either really spicy or sweet.

[Via: Athens Daily Review]

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