Flowers and …

hamper.JPG… chorizo sausage, birthday cake, kinder eggs …. These are a few of the additional items we have been asked to deliver. If we can source the item that you want to send we will do our best to make it part of your gift package for you.

In the case of the chorizo sausage our boss had bought one in and put it in the fridge intending to eat it later in the week. By coincidence a caller asked if we could by any chance find such a thing to deliver at short notice. The boss had to be persuaded that the customer’s need  was greater than his  and watch his beautiful Spanish sausage gift-wrapped for someone else.

The kinder eggs were a gift from a customer to his girlfriend as he knew she liked them. I like kinder eggs too, but I don’t know that I could eat 25!

A birthday cake is a bit more obvious as a gift and it is possible to find small individual birthday cakes … perhaps some of these requests will end up being added to our regular portfolio of products.

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