Flowers and Their Many Meanings

Flowers and Their Many MeaningsOver the centuries flowers have not only decorated gardens and homes but they have been used as means of communication. Their symbolism varies, with each flower having a certain characteristic, which we have connected with certain feelings. Flowers are an ideal gift for anyone and there is a flower to represent just about any occasion. Of course, flowers have their own connotation in different cultures.

The colours of flowers also speak for themselves according to culture. The colours of flowers have a huge range, bright and refreshing or dull and pale, each shade having its own meaning and appeal.

Some flowers grow in specific regions and that is why they only have significance for a certain region. There are some flowers that are unique to Asian countries, while others only flourish in European temperatures.

For example, the lily is a flower that represents summer as it usually grows in the warmer months. It also represents serenity and gentle emotions as this is what we usually feel during the summer.

If you want to make someone smile then usually the sunflower is the best option, it is readily available for many months and its bright pleasant colour can make just about anybody grin.

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