Flowers and Feeders Attracting Hummingbirds


Having a flower garden has a lot of benefits, especially when birds and other animals begin visiting it, putting on a show for gardeners.

Kathi and Michael Rock have experienced such displays in their Madison, Wisconsin garden. When they moved to the house they worked hard to transform their simple backyard into a flower and feeder paradise, more specifically to attract their favourite bird – the hummingbird.

Kathi Rock said, “I think the way it started is, we began gardening for hummingbirds about a year after we got married. We were so excited about it, we decided we wanted to give a program for people in our neighborhood.”

Since then, the Rocks have become experts on hummingbirds, experimenting with flowers and plants to see which ones attract more birds. They have also given many presentations on the information they have collected.

Their most important piece of advice is to make your garden very secluded, as this is what hummingbirds prefer. And it is very important to use both feeders and flowers to attract them. “I think if we would have just one or the other, that we definitely wouldn’t have been as successful. The feeders really fill in on the days when the flowers are unavailable, such as when it’s a cold or rainy day, for example, in early autumn, and that’s when we have the most hummingbirds in the year.”

[Via: NorwichBulletin]

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