Flower-Power Inspires Unique DIY Fashion Accessories

When you arrange flowers for delivery UK, why not thinking creatively about how you could use your blooms? Music festivals, weddings and summer parties are the perfect places to rock floral fashion, and many UK florists, including Flowers24Hours, offer cheap flower delivery London. They’re also a great flower shop UK to go to if you need same day delivery flowers London.

Use your London flowers to create fashion-forward floral accessories like flower crowns and bracelets that will really make you stand out from the crowd. Daises, roses and ranunculus are all beautiful flowers that you can find in flower shops UK and order from a flower delivery service London.

Floral headpieces

What better way to rock boho festival fashion than with floral headpiece? Trendsetters like Lana del Ray, Pixie Lott and Alex Chung are all fans of flower crowns which you can create with the blooms you order from a flower delivery service London. Pink and white roses and peonies look sumptuous, while daises will look pretty and hippy chic. Go all-out boho with floaty fabrics and crochet designs, or use your pretty flower design to contrast with punk-rock style.

A floral headpiece can also add a glam touch to a party outfit – think brightly coloured roses and orchids. Even a single, luscious red rose in your hair will set you apart from the crowd. If you need roses London, Flowers24Hours offer hassle-free London flower delivery to your office or home

Delicate, small flowers (like individual hydrangea flowers) can also be woven into braids for a swooningly pretty look. To make your flower crown, just take a piece of wire, wrap it to the shape of your head and use green wire to attach the greenery and blooms you’d like. Arrange online flower delivery UK to ensure your flowers get to you quickly. You can also visit a London flower market to find a great selection of flowers in London.

Flower bracelets

A floral bracelet adds a cute touch to any summer outfit, and can be made with flowers ordered from any florist in London and the rest of the UK. To create your own, take a strip of ribbon in your desired width and colour and stick your chosen blooms with fabric glue to the centre. Dainty flowers like daisies, chrysanthemums and ranunculus work perfectly for this. Flower deliveries UK are easy to arrange from Flowers24Hours, who have a wide selection of bouquets which gives you great choices for getting creative!

Flower necklaces

Think beyond the daisy-chain: a necklace crafted from roses will look exquisite and provide a real talking point at parties; perfect for Weddings even. Choose smaller varieties of roses and snip them at the stem, then sew them together using heavy thread. You could also use the same technique to create beautiful bracelets with flowers from UK florists or a flower shop in London.

Get started with your DIY flower jewellery now and buy flowers online. Same day delivery flowers London are available from Flowers24Hours, a London florist with a fantastic range of flowers for delivery across the UK.

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