Flowers and Candlelight for Long Nights

The nights are officially getting longer, and in order to draw attention to your flowers it is a good idea to consider using candles.

Flowers and Candlelight

Floral foam is one of the traditional materials used for candle arrangements. Usually, the candle is secured in the middle of the arrangement and the flowers are set around it.

A more modern idea is to put the candle in a storm lamp and to use the base of the lamp for the setting of the flowers.

It is not necessary to just use fall colours. With modern candle arrangements any colour that brightens up your home is possible. Purple, dusky pink and mauve create a fall atmosphere if they arranged with berries and foliage.

When arranging the flowers around the candle it is important to keep in mind that large-headed and smaller flowers combined create a better balance.

[Via: Sunday Mail]

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