Flower Scents Enhanced

In New York scientists claim to have found a way to strengthen the scent of flowers and add scent to those which do not have one through genetic engineering.

Flower Scents Enhanced

Flowers need scent to attract pollinating insects, bees, beetles and others, so that they pass on the pollen needed for reproduction and creation of fruit. Lead scientist Prof Alexander Vainstein says, “Aroma is of major importance for defining the taste of food.”

As part of the study, Prof Vainstein and his fellow scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem managed to find a way to increase the scent of flowers to 10 times the strength, which causes is to emit scent by both day and night.

According to Vainstein, “The flower industry will also be interested in this development. Many flowers lost their scent over many years of breeding. Recent developments will help to create flowers with increased scent as well as producing new scent components in the flowers.”

Floral scents also have popularity in the perfume industry. This industry invest a great deal of energy trying to reproduce the scents of flowers in a way that is authentic.

[Via: ptinews.com]

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