Flower Power: 5 Steps To Transform Your Home Decor Scheme With Flowers

From the biggest and most brash, colourful bouquets of flowers in London to subtler scents and simple floral designs, flowers delivery remains a way to conveniently bring flowers into your home. And still, with London florist delivery available, once you have the flowers at home transforming them into a smooth and balanced tapestry of decoration it can be tricky–particularly if you are looking for cheap flowers delivery and don’t want to dish out a ton of money for an overpriced interior designer (some of which are self-proclaimed experts in home decor).

“Fascinating and beautiful, flowers are symbolic of life and offer so much more than just a feature, they offer endless opportunity.” – Pamela Woods, Class Bunny

“Flowers very much boost productivity and encourage creativity, having them in your home will not only make you happier but improve you overall mindset.” – Aodhan MacCathmhaoil, Waster.com.au

“Each flower is a burst of joy, from farm to vase, our fresh flowers spark happiness. From the local growers, businesses and artisans that tend to and harvest the flowers. To our studio, where we carefully curate Petal Post boxes. To you – when you open, arrange and display your blooms with intention. These interactions all bring joy. And with joy, relaxation and inspiration is born.” – Zoe Lamont, Petal Post

From simple flowers bouquets to elaborate floral wreaths, fishbowl arrangements and more, you really have many different flower style options and approaches to choose from. And they don’t have to leave your pockets empty. Keep reading for the top flowers in London and simple steps to transform your home decor with flowers delivered

Play up natural lighting to your advantage

Believe it or not, you don’t want every single floral display under a spotlight. You have flowers in London delivered–you’re naturally excited–but not every floral display needs to sit by a lamp or windowsill or exceptionally bright bulb. If direct sunlight is good for your plant or flower, then sometimes near the window is enough.

Refresh outdated home decor

Flowers can be a great way to add some fresh colour and interest to your decor without the need for redecorating! Georgia Budden, Web Content & Marketing Coordinator at Service.com.au, provides the following example of how this can be done: “If your bathroom is looking outdated and a bathroom renovation is not currently a feasible option, adding flowers is the perfect way to transform this frequently used space! Whether it’s a vanity benchtop that might have been cool way back in the 80s or tiles that have seen better days, flowers are the most effective way to draw attention away from the areas that need some improvement.

“Hanging macrame pots in the corner adds a stylish, bohemian vibe to the room, and look incredible filled with leafy pothos, succulents or string of pearls. Including small pots on your benchtop are the perfect way to complement your existing bathroom decor such as candles or reed diffusers. Orchids and bamboo are elegant options that also tolerate humid bathroom conditions, while including aloe vera has the added benefit of purifying the air and containing its healing gel within its leaves – the ideal natural addition to your first aid kit!”

Simple floral displays

If you want sleek modern floral designs, you’re not a fan of big and boisterous flowers arrangements, or you just want to find a affordable florists in London, it is more than okay to stick with simple floral displays at home. Much of the time, more is not necessarily better, and busy bouquets can become overwhelming. Never underestimate the power of a fish bowl arrangements.

Try different flowers in London for delivery

Experiment with different London florists in order to get a sense for your style, creative directions, designs, and what sort of flowers delivery works best for you.

For flowers delivery: test out various blossom types, vases, textures & more

It’s easy to have flowers and gifts delivered. But are you someone who appreciates big hydrangeas arrangements (dried or fresh) displayed on the table? Roses and calla lilies bouquets with green foliage and Queen Anne’s lace? Orchids flowers in London or something less provocative, downplayed while refined, like indoor plants in a pot or wicker basket?

Order from a florist online, then get feedback from others about your new look

Ask around. See what your spouse, your friends, your close colleagues think of your new home/office decorating scheme. Snap a photo and ask, what do they like most? What would they change? Have fun!

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