Flower pairings that help make the perfect bouquet

Are you looking to give someone the perfect present? Do you want to create the perfect Christmas Day, Valentines Day, or Birthday bouquet of flowers? If so, you have come to the right place. The biggest challenge when looking to create such usually comes to down to flower pairings. There hundreds of different flower types made available, both online and offline, so finding two that go together is never easy. Most bouquets are made up of various elements, including everything from mass flowers to ‘filler’ flowers, with each element being as important as the last. When it comes to finding a suitable pairing to build around you more often than need a helping hand, a helping hand that this brief guide can now provide you with.


Considering that it is nearly Valentines Day season, it makes perfect sense to address roses before any other flower. The great thing about roses is that they symbolise romance perfectly; the problem with roses is that they aren’t the easiest flower to pair or blend. If you have red roses in hand and want to give your bouquet the look of elegance, then you need to look to mix it with both eucalyptus and baby’s breath. The former is a fantastic filler that doesn’t draw away attention, while the former adds increased texture the bouquet. Remember, when it comes to red roses simplicity is key to displaying them at their fullest.


If you want to make a bouquet focused around tulips, having 10 to 15 stems in hand to begin with is a fantastic start. That alone can make a big impact, but it can at times look a bit lightweight, which is why it is good to add a little something extra. The key here is to add something that makes the blooms “pop”, which is what the addition of wax flowers as filler can do. Foliage can also be a useful addition, but it is crucial that you stick to either bear grass loops or blooming branches should you wish to use it.


Those who really want a bouquet that carries endless versatility should acquire carnations. The flowers increasingly large colour palette really lends itself to bouquet presentation. Adding to that, they almost have a fantastically long vase life when taken care of properly. When it comes to puffing up carnation bouquet with a few additional elements try adding limonium as a filler, while sprengeril fern makes for great foliage.

Gerbera Daisies

Packing as much punch as any other flower on the list, gerbera daisies do plenty enough to stand out on their own. But if you want to give them a little extra oomph when you display them as a bouquet look to blend. Thankfully, gerbera daisies blend well with practically any other flower, which makes them extra special in that regard. If you want to add to the classic flavour of this flower introduce it to both eucalyptus and solidago.

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