I Am No Wilting Flower……

How many times have we heard the phrases are you a shrinking violet, or you are as cheerful as a daisy or as white as a lily or the dreaded, Are you a wallflower?

The characteristics/connotations associated with flowers have been used throughout the ages by UK florists. Flowers have become personified, to convey human personas and attributes.

London florists have recognised that flowers as gifts are used to say many things: “I love you, I’m sorry, just because… or forgive me” they are a tool of communication that has been used affectively time after time for centuries.

UK florists Flowers24Hours realises that flowers, like people, are distinct in their shape and characteristics. They have their own personalities and quirks that remind us of who we are, or the persona we would like to convey. Some are bold and vibrant full of life and energy, whilst others are subtle, reserved and calm. Some like the ‘baby breath’ flower by its very name implies innocence and a child at heart, quality that still believes in fairy tales. Flowers, like people, are complex in their survival and what they convey.

By using our online shopping facilities we are able to arrange combinations of flowers as gifts that give credence to the personality and qualities best associated with the ones you love.

Here at Flowers24hours, we have grown into a premier same day flower delivery business that will ensure, that the flowers you pick with characteristics that you feel best match your loved one can be delivered throughout London. Thereby ensuring that your flowers as gifts are delivered to brighten up a special someone’s day or evening without a wilt in sight.

By using the premier service of Flowers24hours and its gift shop services that allows for the delivery of flowers on the same day throughout London, we can guarantee that the flowers you have gifted your loved ones, friend or family will be delivered with the outmost care to ensure they experience the full effect of their floral arrangement.

Below are a few examples of flowers that are generally suited to certain personalities:

Thus the question is which flower are you?

Roses: Romantic yet passionate, Lover of tradition, Strive for perfection, Feminine charm

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Daises: Adventurous/nature lover, Cheerful optimistic, Love to laugh, Cherish friendships

Orchids: Classy sophistication, an air of mystery, value honesty

Lilies: Compassionate/dignified, calming effect on others, striking sense of style, friendly, playful and protective of who you are

Violet: Reserved but witty, only true friends know the real you, value privacy and subtle in approach

Poppies: Vibrant and enthusiastic, life of a party, a flair for creativity

Tulips: Sweet sensitive and thoughtful, love to travel and adapt well to change

Carnations: Down to earth, people trust you with secrets, unique sense of style, reserved by nature but other seek your advice and guidance.

So have some fun in identifying which flowers  are best suited  to your loved ones, and use our same day flower delivery service or gift shop to send the flowers of your choice to that special someone just because……

Written by Roxane

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