A Flower For Every Month of the Year

The secret symbolism of plants and flowers is a fascinating subject and one that should never be brushed aside, especially when deciding on an arrangement or gift for an important event.

Folk traditions, astrological signs and pure and simple superstition have led to a succession of ill-conceived notions as to which flower would make for a suitable gesture and woe betide the wearer of a yellow carnation on a wedding day or bestower of red and yellow roses at a funeral.

Of course, pre-warned is pre-armed and, as such, it’s worth noting that a well-thought-out gift of flowers will often reflect on the giver just as much as being joyfully accepted by the lucky recipient.

One such occasion for which delivered flowers make for the perfect present is a birthday and if you can match the birthday girl or boy with their birth flower then all the more kudos to you.

Below are the specialised categories of online flowers by month and if you’re scratching your head as to what to get your nearest and dearest this year then read on and all of your petal-purchasing problems will be solved.


Always producing a cacophony of colour and a rampage of symbolism, carnations are the first flower of the year when it comes to birthday representation. The longevity of the bloom and delicate nature of the flower mean that carnations are just what’s required to continue New Year’s celebrations long after Big Ben has completed its chimes.


Often thought to symbolise hope, truth and wisdom, the ‘flirty’ fragrance of the violet is ideal as a suitable alternative to Valentine’s Day offerings with all manner of purple hues to choose from making for the perfect present to brighten any February birthday. Often remembered as the gift Ophelia would have made, the violet is a modest, yet faithful, flower, not to be underestimated.


The humble daffodil has long been associated with this time of year and March birthdays and the yellow trumpeted flower always appear to go hand in hand. Symbols of spring and recognised for their happiness giving properties, March wouldn’t be the same without a posy of daffs. Always a triumph when presented with an enormous chocolate egg bound with a silk red bow.


Aside from the pretty white and yellow flower which adorns many a meadow and cricket outfield, daisies also come in much larger and more colourful forms as from African to Seaside, a fresh bouquet on an April birthday makes for an extremely thoughtful addition to any household. Pretty as a picture and guaranteed to cheer up the dreariest of sideboards.


Known for its sweet scent as well as for being emblematic of a chaste and pure lifestyle, Lily of the Valley creates a pretty little birthday present and works very well as an adornment to any bedside, with the pink variations regarded as quite a rare and special treat. Often regarded as a return to happiness, Lily of the Valley flowers are truly wonderful and far superior to the soap equivalent.


Often found at the centre of most romantic gestures, the rose is also the traditional flower of June and from resplendent and passionate reds to innocent and pure whites, it’s up to you to know how your birthday bouquet or single stem will be received. Roses always make an entrance and are guaranteed to get some blushes, if that’s what you’re intending?


The vivid blues, purples and pinks of the delphinium always make for an attractive centre-piece for any summertime birthday banquet and thanks to the proud nature of the flowering stem, delphiniums can also be found adorning altarpieces at church weddings. Happiness, first love and a light and breezy nature exemplifies the delphinium and the fragrance alone never fails to impress.


Renowned for its longevity, integrity and strength of character, presenting a seductive sword of gladioli to anyone who has a birthday in August will no doubt resonate on myriad levels of happiness. From van Gogh to Morrissey to Dame Edna, gladioli are often considered to be the preserve of the artist and will brighten even the most temperamental of moods.


The simple, yet beautiful, blues, pinks and whites associated with forget-me-nots are an understated gesture that conveys a great deal of emotional warmth and respect for those lucky enough to have their birthdays in September. Also considered to be symbolic of a patient and delicate soul as well as used in remembrance, forget-me-nots are deeply affectionate flowers and a real joy to have around in late summer.


Well-known by gardeners as being a successful repellent of insects, marigolds are also the traditional flower of October.  The giving of marigolds can sometimes be perceived as a slightly misconstrued gesture especially if your birthday boy or girl hails from South America where the bright and buxom orange/yellow blossoms are used as garlands during the Day of the Dead ceremony – you have been warned!


Enough to brighten up any dark and dreary November day, Chrysanthemums are full of warmth and cultural significance, with tiny rounded petals which reach out and demand to be hugged. Often described as a symbol of love and compassion, presenting a generous collection of Chrysanthemums to a November born friend or relative will always stand you in good stead for presents on Christmas Day.


Used as much a part of seasonal decoration as a December birthday gift. The luscious reds juxtaposed against the darkened greens of the poinsettia are guaranteed to be well-received although, having an extra gift handy is always advisable just in case you’re not the only well-wisher to come bearing gifts at this time of year.

Whichever month is significant to you, there’s a flower to match and although it really doesn’t matter which gift you bring to the party a little bit of thought and research often goes a long way and doesn’t do any harm in heightening your social standing.

Across the world, flowers and plants have come to symbolise myriad religious, relationship and emotional gestures often with a bewildering array of consequences however, if you can present a bouquet, garland or single stem with confidence and good feeling then you’ll never be far away from the truth.

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