Creative containers for displaying flowers to be delivered today in your home

Flowers to be delivered today: arrange for same day flower delivery from florists and online flower shops and get creative with your blooms! Glass or porcelain vases are classic vessels to display flowers for the home or restaurant, but there are lots of other options for arranging and presenting flowers that involve thinking outside the box. These vessel ideas are pretty and creative and will help to create truly unique but effortless arrangements. Arrange for flowers to be delivered today from UK florists and get to work with your beautiful creations!

  • Teacups: take the flowers bought from a London flower shop or market, and arrange in teacups for a pretty, on-trend look. Vintage teacups can be bought from charity shops and flea markets and are perfect for roses or wild flowers, while wooden cups are great vessels for bright blooms like dahlias and ranunculus. Plants also look lovely planted in teacups- such as cacti and succulents – making a lovely juxtaposition between the desert plant and the refined shape and pattern of the vessel.
  • Singletons: a shot glass, egg cup or mini coloured glass bottle will all make great vases for single blooms – ideal for events and table settings. Roses, peonies, orchids and gerberas are all great for this look. If the event is taking place in the next few days, arrange for flowers to be delivered today to ensure there’s plenty of time to get the look just right.
  • Old fashioned: vintage tins (like those for tea and coffee) make perfect retro vases for flowers for the home or restaurant, especially kitchens, or special occasions with a rustic feel. Lots of blooms can be arranged for flower delivery today to display in tea tins, and many flowers will suit this look – from elegant roses to joyful sunflowers. Teapots, jugs and even soup tureens are other alternative options that make for quirky looks in the home and talking points at events.
  • Jar full: mason jars and jam jars are great choices for flowers from any florist in London. They’ll look beautiful arranged on kitchen windowsills to catch the light or on coffee tables. The display can be full with flower or foliage or more simple with a few simple blooms or handpicked choices. Mason jars can also be spray painted in bright or pastel colours for an extra pretty look.
  • Embellish: ribbons, bows and jewels can all be added to existing vases and jars to create flower vessels that show off your personality – or, for a more natural look, fill with natural elements like pebbles or shells and adorn with leaves or moss. Tin or glass vases can also be painted gold or silver or even painted with glitter for fun and glam looks that are perfect for parties.

















There are many different flower vessels often found in unexpected places that will allow you to create unique arrangements. Arrange for flowers to be delivered today online or from a local florist and get ready to get creative with arrangements for the home!

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