How to Decorate your Christmas tree With Flowers

Decorating your Christmas tree offers plenty of opportunity for creativity and experimentation. A recent decor trend sees people choosing to adorn their Christmas trees with flowers! This unusual looks is really show-stopping and creates a wonderful, vibrant centrepiece for the home or events. And just like more traditional decorations, there is no end to the colours and styles to choose from when decorating a Christmas tree with flowers. Read on for inspiration!


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Classic white Christmas decoration

For a stylish look, add white flowers to a tree featuring fairy lights and white and silver decorations. It doesn’t have to be covered in them – a few flowers here and there adds a floral surprise to the display. Consider using roses, lilies, amaryllis or gerberas to embellish the tree. To add to the white theme, decorate the tree with feathers, white ribbon and silver baubles for extra sparkle.

Rich reds

Perfectly paired with gold decorations and the green of the tree, full blooms in different shades of red will add luscious colour to your Christmas tree. Roses and amaryllis can be used, as can poinsettia flowers, peonies or anemones. Red berries are another great option to include in your tree to bring colour and texture, and red ribbons and bows complete a decadent look.

Think outside the box

Why not go all-out and instead of using any traditional Christmas decorations, let the flowers do the talking! Dress your tree in rows of blooms of your choice: perhaps pinks and greens, or a multi-coloured array of gorgeous florals. This looks is especially good for trees at Christmas in warmer climates where the classic choices might not seem so fitting. It’s even possible to make a tree entirely out of flowers – but this is a job best left to the florists. If you’re looking for this for a festive event, just get in touch with an expert florist who will be able to create your tree Christmas flower displays.

Fake it to make it 

Although they will look stunning, the obvious downside to decorating a Christmas tree with flowers is that they have a limited life. You’ll either need to replace them every few days or decorate shortly before Christmas Day. However, there is an alternative: artificial flowers! These can be bought from florists, online or from many homeware shops and will not only last the whole festive season, but for years to come. Be sure to buy some florist wire to affix your real or silk flowers to the tree branches.

And in addition to the florals for the tree, don’t forget to order Christmas flowers to decorate the table and other rooms in the home. Classic Christmas blooms like roses and amaryllis are great choices, and arrangements can also feature branches, metallic leaves, baubles and ribbon.

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