Flower Day at the Eastern Market

Flower Day at the Eastern MarketThe Eastern Market’s Flower Day is one of America’s largest one-day flower shows, and is also one of the greatest traditions in the city of Detroit. This Sunday the 43rd annual sale will be taking place and those who are interested should be prepared to make an early start.

61-year-old Veteran horticulturist Laura Messer of Canton says, “I come every year.” She says she arrives as early as possible, “by 5:30 or a quarter to 6 – the earlier the better, to find a parking spot. It’s very crowded.”

More than 15 acres are blanketed with flowers, with growers arriving from Michigan, neighboring states and Ontario. Nearly 150,000 people visit the show to see and buy the thousands of perennials, shrubs and trees found there.

There have been some renovations on the hall where the show is usually held, giving the show a lighter, cleaner and more spacious feel. Though these changes have taken place customers can still count on the usual overflow of flowers to choose from, and what they end up taking home is up to them.

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