Flower Arrangement Styles – Which One Works for You? London Florist’s Tips

Before the 1600s there is virtually no evidence to suggest that flowers were used in any capacity other than in medicine, surgery and cooking. However these days it is uncommon to find a home without some form of floral decoration – and virtually unheard of to attend a wedding, or other type of ceremony, without a beautiful display of flowers.
Different types and colours of flowers are routinely used to compliment a home, whether it is to make a colour splash – or simply to quietly enhance the décor. However, the style of the arrangement is something which is less routinely considered, but no less important. The way in which the stems are arranged can make a real difference to the overall effect.

Round Mound Arrangement
This is a simple, effective method of displaying your choice of blooms. It is a common choice because it is straightforward and it affords good visibility on all sides. Once the flower elements are chosen, they are then placed together carefully to form a semi-spherical shape. This is ideal for table decoration.

Triangular Arrangement
This arrangement is a flexible style. It can be used similarly to the Mound to afford good visibility from all sides – or it can be arranged in a one-sided fashion to form a flat ‘A’ shape if it is to be displayed against a wall. The Triangular arrangement looks best in a tall vase or container and it is very popular as décor in church ceremonies. As an alternative, a lower triangular style can be achieved by arranging the stems in a pyramid-type shape which sits much closer to the surface. This choice is more suitable for table décor and any celebration, because as an added touch candles can be placed within the display.

Asymmetrical Arrangement
This is a one-sided style, usually best in a low container, and as an added advantage you do not need many flowers to create a really charming display. This is a smaller arrangement which blends effortlessly with its environment.

Crescent Arrangement
This unusual display forms a smooth, curved shape which very much resembles a half-moon. The style features softer angles and more curves. The best container for the Crescent is low and either oblong or oval; this means that the flowers are displayed to their best advantage.

Hogarth Curve Arrangement
This impressive style is elegant as well as simplistic. It is also similar to that of the Crescent. The chosen elements in this design curve inwards from the top and sweep downwards gracefully, suggesting the form of an ‘S’. It is sometimes known as the Hogarth ‘S’, and is a perfect choice for incorporating into a wreath.

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