Floral Wreaths, a Hit this Season

Floral WreathsOne of the best ways to give your guests a warm welcome during the Christmas season is to hang a homemade wreath on the door.

This decoration is extremely easy to make, and if you have the time you can make a base on your own. But it is much easier to simply buy a pre-made base.

Holly and dried flowers mixed with cranberries are the hit for this year.

Items need to be grouped into threes or fives making your wreath more interesting and creating texture.

Hanging your wreath is probably the trickiest part. One way you can do it is to insert thick florist wire into the back, twisting the ends together to form a loop. On wooden doors you can hang the wreath on a nail, if you have a glass door there are suction hooks available…

[Via: Sunday Mail]

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