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Flowers make a perfect addition to any occasion table- for weddings, dinner parties and birthdays. There are many creative ways you can create floral decorations when you order flowers London and UK for your do.

Flowers will really dress up a plain table indoors or outside, bright blooms will make a real statement, while sumptuous bouquets will add a real sense of luxury to a special occasion. Take a look at these ideas from London florist Flowers24Hours to inspire you.

Flower centrepieces

Think about the mood you want to create with your floral centrepiece when you arrange online flower delivery in the UK. Orange tulips and gerberas will lift the mood and create sense of fun, while white blooms of roses and lilies are ideal for a sophisticated, calm affair. Red floral arrangements create a real sense of drama: red roses and candles are ideal for Christmas, while this exotic display will provide a real talking point.

Armfuls of big blossoms like peonies and hydrangeas look beautiful displayed in unusual containers like vintage soup tureens, jelly moulds or ice buckets. You could group your flowers from florists in London and nationwide in different shapes glass containers like jam jars and bottles to create a casual, stylish look. Or why not add garden herbs, leaves and flowers to you arrangements to create a sense of a cottage-garden? Fruit can also be added to floral arrangements to create for an opulent, unusual style.

This ‘Blooming Marvellous’ arrangement of gerberas and roses in sweet metal pots create a delicate but stylish centrepiece, and this striking sunflower is sure to wow your guests!

Orchids will always make a statement on a table, and London florist Flowers24Hours has some stunning orchid arrangements and offer London flower delivery same day. White orchids arranged with seashells are elegant and stylish, while orchids in an arrangement of spring freesias and hyacinths create an abundant garden feel in the home.

Floral decorations

Bright, long stemmed flowers like roses and gerberas look striking as single flowers in glass bottles arranged on the table. Garden flowers like dahlias, lavender and daisies also look lovely arranged in bottles and mason jars and give a bohemian feel to the occasion. Cornflowers and sweet peas are a great choice when you buy flowers in London and the UK. A flower market is also a really good place to look for quirky blooms.

For a rustic garden feel make your arrangements out of foliage, or arrange dahlias or daisies in a earthernware bowl. Choose moss, twigs and bark for your table decorations to complement your flowers and create an outdoors-in look. You can add shells and nautical touches to blue and white flowers from UK florists for a sense of the seaside.

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