6 Floral Place Setting Ideas

We’re coming up to the season of outdoor parties, weddings and spring events, so what better time to start thinking about place settings to delight your guests? Flowers are a perfect way to add colour, beauty and fun to your table settings and make your event extra special. Take a look at these ideas we’ve gathered for your spring and summer parties!

  • A napkin and a single flower
    Adding a single flower to a napkin is an elegant and simple way to add a joyful splash of colour to your place settings. Many looks can be created with these simple elements: from rustic to high-class. A single miniature rose, such as the yellow blooms of Rose Delight tied with twine to a cotton napkin creates an effortless garden-style look. Other flowers that will look beautiful are mini daffodils (perfect for Easter), a single tulip or pansy.
  • Green additions
    As an alternative to a flower, a sprig of greenery can be added to your place settings – tied to your napkins with twine, ribbon or lace. Go for a fragrant feel with herbs like rosemary or lavender, a Scottish look with wistful heather, or add a sheaf of wheat and perhaps a tiny flower addition to create a really rustic design.
  • Fruity fun!
    Take the top off a lemon or lime and use this as a vase for a single bloom to add to a place setting. This look is really fun and perfect for parties and quirky events. Offset the green of limes with a white bloom such as a gerbera daisy or chrysanthemum, and add a blue or purple bloom such as muscari or a purple rose contrast strikingly with the yellow of a lemon.


  • Mini moments
    What could be more delightful to add to a place setting than a dinky little flower arrangement in a tiny vessel? Miniature bottles, shot glasses and or small jars could all be used to add delicate flowers to. Wildflowers and baby’s breath are perfect for an outdoor event, while for a more sophisticated look choose blooms like colourful roses (such as yellow and pink from Rose Garden Beauty) or ranunculus. You can use these as decoration for place settings, or even add in the place card in a metal holder to the vase.
  • A corking idea!
    Make a hole in the top of a wine cork and add a flower or plant of your choice – such as a rose, daisy or mini succulent plant. Slice down the side of the cork to create a slot to add your place card into. Start saving those wine corks now if you like this look for your event!
  • A decorative gift.

Make your event memorable by giving your guests a gift as well as a place setting – sit your place card in a mini potted plant. A potted succulent would make a perfect present and will charmingly offset your choice of floral centrepiece, or choose a cute pink flower from Mini Plant Delight for your guests.

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