Floral Paradise in the City

Diane Elmer has front porch that can brighten up just about anybody’s day. It is also a piece of paradise for her and her family.

Floral Paradise in the CityNot only does she have pansies, petunias and dahlias flowing off of her front porch but she has a sidewalk garden to brighten up the street, as well.

Under Elmer’s green thumb she has deep purple hydrangeas growing in a half-barrel, planters hanging off of the porch brimming with flowers sit beside clematis winding up the posts of the porch.

The porch ceiling has wood lattice fixed to it, that she has woven silk flowers and little lights into. She changes the flowers and the lights according to the season — she enjoys the beauty of her little paradise from a newly purchased porch swing.

Elmer said, “I just wanted it to be a happy place. I get people who pull over and tell me how nice it looks. I see people walk by, and they smile. That’s important.”

Elmer really gave new meaning to having a porch in the city and she certainly puts a smile on the faces of passerbys.

[Via: clarionledger.com]

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