Floral Homemade Gift Boxes, From the Heart

Floral Homemade Gift Boxes, From the HeartMost of us have been worrying about gift ideas for some time now, as pockets are getting emptier and emptier. But what has been forgotten is that homemade gifts or gift wrapping often hit a heart-string with most people, and they cost very little.

Using dried flowers and herbs to make gifts is a wonderful and inexpensive idea, and it will definitely express how you feel about friends or family.

You can try making a gift box enhanced with flowers. You can buy or dry your flowers at home and both ways are cheap — doing it on your own will only take a bit more time.

The next step is to find a reusable cardboard box, preferably one that is made out of a more heavy type of cardboard. One idea is to find a box that held notes, cards or soaps. Use some craft paint to paint it the colour you like — this is where you can get really creative. Afterwards try gluing ribbons or anything else you might find suitable to the box.

Finally, you can start adding your dried flowers to the top of the box – it is best to use a hot glue gun to this, and make sure you do not overdo it. Once you’re finished, you can place the intended gift in the box. This gift box will surely get more appreciation than ordinary gift wrapping.

[Via: Star-Telegram.com]

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