Floral Cocktails in Manhattan

Floral Cocktails in Manhattan

Most of us would not think of heading to the bar to see floral creations at their best, but New York has been hit with a new trend – floral decorations in cocktails. Some of these are basically works of art and quite an indulgence.

Bar tenders have been using real flower petals bathed in gin or some other alcoholic beverage. Mojitos have been spiced up a notch with syrup made from dried lavender blossoms, while Champagne is a bit less fizzy with the help of wild elderflower liqueur.

Junior Merino, a bartender and consultant came up with a drink for the Modern in Manhattan called Coming Up Roses, a beverage combining rose syrup and crushed rose petals with rum. He says, “People are realizing there are a lot or edible flowers or flavoured liqueurs that taste beautiful in a cocktail glass. It’s a discovery for many: interesting flavours and tastes they never knew existed.”

So if you are hosting a cocktail party any time soon, have a look at your garden for some inspiration.

[Via: nytimes.com]

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