The beauty of the Christmas tree, incorporating floral ideas

The idea of the Christmas tree began in the 16th century when devout German Christians brought home trees to decorate in their homes. Pagans also used branches of it to decorate their houses during the winter solstice, as a happy reminder of the spring that was to come. Fast-forward over 400 years and the idea of the Christmas tree is still going strong; each year the trees get bigger and bigger and the decorations become more luxurious and unique.

Using flowers that are a mixture of different colours and textures in your Christmas tree is a great way to give the tree some individuality – particularly if you mix and match different pre-arranged bouquets. Traditionally, bunches of red poinsettias were placed on the tree branches which, as well as keeping in the spirit of the Christmas theme, brought colourful vigour to dark-coloured trees. Creating your own small bunches is also a creative way of filling out uneven spaces in between tree branches, balancing out a not-so-perfectly shaped tree.

To add a modern twist to this tradition, try incorporating some glitter covered twigs and foliage into the bunches, which are great for adding a hint of sparkle, especially when Christmas lights are added to the tree. Be selective about where you place the lights too, as ensuring there are some light bulbs sitting underneath and entwined with the bunches will give them a warm glow, making them elegant focal points dotted around the tree.

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Another way to use flowers in tree decorations is by making your own hanging flower balls; the heads of flowers can be tied together with some string and then hung on the ends of branches. A beautiful vintage effect can be created by using an array of wild flowers and brown string. For the adventurous, try creating a mixture of large and small flower balls, and twist in small decorations like mini santas, reindeer or snowmen to complete the look.

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