Flint Michigan is Abundant with Flowers; How to Make Your Garden the Same

Everyone has been anticipating spring and it has truly arrived. The days and the nights are warmer which means work in the garden can begin. In Flint Michigan it is a good idea to take the time to actually have a look at all the flowers that are blooming. There are 52 parks in Flint, with hybrid flowers and wildflowers abound.

If you want your garden to look like the parks of Flint you should pay special attention to your soil. Usually people will turn over their soil before planting but this is a step that can be eliminated. There are many microorganisms and other natural processes happening beneath the soil and this can be damaged by tilling. One example is the earthworms found in the soil, they give air and fertilization to the soil and if you till it – they are usually killed. They also create tunnels, if you till the soil it becomes too dense and makes it difficult for your flowers to sprout roots. Tilling also makes soil dry and crusty, making it less efficient at absorbing rain water. It is a better idea to leave the soil as it is with a layer of mulch on top, leaving nature to work on its own.

If it is the first time you have used mulch, use a little bit more to help your plants grow.

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