"Fleurage" Art with Flowers

FleurageWhen you drive down Mains Street in Glastonbury Connecticut, it is difficult not to notice a beautiful little cottage surrounded by a rainbow of flowers.

The house is ringed with stone walls, there are walkways and terraces that are overflowing with flowers, and a variety of shapes and colours — all which are very pleasing to the eye.

The house and garden belongs to Harry White, an artist who considers his garden a piece of art.

He uses flowers for his work, which is similar to collage, but he has given his works their own name – “fleurage.” His pieces are colourful and energetic and definitely cannot be compared to pressed flowers.

White chooses to work with flowers because he is sure they will remain vibrant over time. He has really gotten to know what colours flowers produce and how they will change over time. He says, “After 35 years, I know what’s going to happen.”

[Via: csmonitor.com]

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