Valentine’s Day: Fifty Shades of Rose

Love, passion, the colour language and beyond the traditional red rose. Find your perfect Valentine, with Flowers 24 Hour’s floral line up.

valentine roses

Flowers just happen to be the favourite of our favourite things. Nothing expresses your sentiments better than a rose bouquet and 24 hours flowers fabulous Valentines range, is one that’s sure to have your loved ones, full of appreciation.

All about the Rose. This Valentines, it’s all about the rose. Roses are by far, the most popular Valentines flower and a symbol of love in all its many forms since, the Victorian era. And it’s blooms have long been associated with love and romance, particularly if the rose is red. According to ancient lore, rosemary symbolises loyalty, marjoram signifies joy and happiness, whilst angelica suggests a bit of magic. The beauty of the rose, is its many shades, although typically linked to red, roses comes in an array of glorious colours.

The symbolism of the rose colours is steeped in tradition. Man’s love affair with the rose dates back thousands of years, one which inspired many to develop, what’s known as, the language of colour. So this Valentines, why not look beyond the traditional red, and consider these floral arrangements, for a distinctive Valentines surprise. Romance is the theme of the season.
To mark what’s set, to be the steamiest film of the year, Flowers 24 Hours presents, Fifty Shades of Rose:

The white rose symbolises, the purity of love and signifies reverence, innocence or something heavenly. It say’s to loved one’s, ‘I am worthy of you’. A fitting gift for your significant other, white roses, are a wonderful present to other special individuals, such as, your parent or child.

Orange Rose Dome

Orange roses represents desire, enthusiasm or fascination. For a more masculine look,incorporate geometric shapes in the form of strelitzias. Tropical bold designs, blazing oranges and energetic greens burst with individuality and serve as unique floral bouquets, for the special man in your life.


Yellow roses, represents Joy, gladness and promise of a new beginning. It say’s, I care,’ and indicates that you’re excited about your relationship. Yellow roses are perfect for new relationships, where you still want to show you care.

Yellow roses with a red tip represents friendship, or falling in love, a combination of colours which signify, your love is both innocent and full of romance.


Pink roses represent appreciation, it say’s ‘thank you’. A symbol of friendship, pink roses are perfect for a cherished friend. Mean while coral roses signifies desire, peach roses represent gratitude and a subtle way of saying,’let’s get together,’ whilst pale peach roses signify modesty.

Something BlueViolets and vivid blues add drama to floral arrangements. Blue roses represents the unattainable, Lavender signifies enchantment and love at first sight. Mixing white roses with bolder colours, adds an essence of simplicity, whilst creates a striking contrast.

Bold reds with white. A combination of red and white roses signifies unity. An ideal flower for rekindling your romance, its united front make, a perfect bouquet for someone that you have loved for quite some time…

Lastly, thornless roses indicate love ‘at thirst first sight’ and says, ’you’re still the one’. Add hydrangeas for a vintage flair and green shoots for edge. Place in a vase or add wine, for a blissful valentines. Vintage inspired and purely romantic, roses look spectacular in all colours and lasts well past cupid’s day.


Whether you’ve falling for its vibrant allure or wooed by their meanings, If you’ve taking a liking to any of the above, 24 Hour Flowers, will be happy to assist you in putting together an exquisite rose bouquet, that will beautifully express your sentiments this Valentine’s Day.

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