Feed Mom with Flowers

If you are looking for some innovation or creativity on the classical Mother’s Day bouquet, why not take Mom out to eat flowers?

Feed Mom with FlowersThe co-owner of eco-minded restaurant Sweetgreen, Nicolas Jammet says, “When I think of what every single son should get his mother for Mother’s Day, it’s flowers.” With his partners Nathaniel Ru and Jonathan Neman, they came up with the idea of promoting a $9 Mother’s Day salad.

This salad will only be available on Mother’s Day Sunday, though the restaurant will be offering similar versions throughout the year. The salad will be made of baby arugula, carrots, beets, green apples, goat cheese and cilantro with lime-cilantro vinaigrette, with a topping of edible orchids, pansies and chive blossoms. exact type of flower found in the salad will depend on which flower is freshest that weekend.

Dietician Colleen Greg says, “Even if flowers are nutritional powerhouses, you eat so little of them that I don’t think it would make a very significant difference for your nutrition.” But she adds, “I’m a big believer that what you eat should be aesthetically pleasing.”

So if you want to give your mother flowers and a healthy meal on her special day, take her out to eat those blooms.

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