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Father’s Day is quite a recent custom.  It started in the US a little over 100 years ago and took time to take root even there!  It was not until 1972 that it was made into a national holiday in the US.  It just so happened that the first sermon on Father’s Day took place on the third Sunday in June in 1908 and that day has become adopted in most countries.  There are a number of countries in the Middle East which celebrate the day on the summer solstice and quite a number in Europe that have settled on the nineteenth of March (the Feast of St Joseph).  The day is honoured on various other days through the year by other countries.


What sort of gift is suitable for Father’s Day? Choosing the right gift can be tricky, but nowadays the internet has a helping hand and is full of many present ideas that can be suitable for any man.

We at Flower24hours have the answer! We have a selection of gifts which could be perfect for your dad on Father’s Day.  We are even able to deliver on the Sunday, which is fantastic for those who are not able to visit their relatives on that special day


We have put together a Father’s Day gifting selection which is perfect for the tricky dad. Our planted selection is always appreciated at this time of year. Plants such as cacti’s, or exotics are always favoured amongst the men.

Cacti Island, Siesta and Wild West are always the most popular in the cactus section. Cacti do not require a lot of looking after which is why they are suitable for those leading a busy life.

Our herb planter range ‘Herb Wheelbarrow’ and ‘Herbs and Spices’ are suitable for the avid gardener and cook!

Herb Wheelbarrow

We do not only stock flowers and plants, we sell wooden game sets too. The “Fun and Games” item comes with a 6 in 1 games compendium (draughts, chess, backgammon, cribbage and accessories for poker and dice) and also includes a bottle of port!

Sending flowers as a gift for men has become more popular within recent year. The colours of autumn are traditional in bouquets for men.  The favourites are always sunflowers, such as ‘Sunflower Bouquet’ or ‘Sunflower Surprise’ or even tropical flower bouquets like ‘Flamboyance’

Take a look at Flowers24hours website for more gift ideas. https://www.flowers24hours.co.uk/

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