Fake Flowers a Major Issue

Officials in Des Plains, Illinois, were considering planting real flowers in hanging baskets downtown, instead of the fake silk ones that are now adorning the city streets. They thought that this would be a hassle free question but they were wrong.

Fake Flowers a Major Issue

As soon as this proposal for change was announced, emails and phone calls started to flood in. Many citizens felt that real flowers would cost too much in terms of time and watering.

Alderman Jean Higgason said: “Out of all the issues that come up, I really thought that was one of the least controversial but I was wrong.”

In other towns officials have a had a lot of luck with fake flowers, saving a lot of costs in terms of maintenance.

Director of Public Works in Wheeling, Tony Stavros, has had his employees “water” and “spray” the plants in order to trick people into believing they are real.

Workers have often gotten compliments on their ability to keep the flowers looking so good.

[Via: Chicago Tribune]

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