Ethiopian Flower Farming in Trouble

Ethiopian Flower Farming in TroubleEthiopia is seeking new buyers for their fresh cut flowers, as worldwide economic problems are affecting it’s main buyer, the Netherlands.

The head of the state-run Horticulture Development Association, Tsegaye Abebe, said at a recent news conference that the Netherlands bought nearly 65% of the flowers exported by their country. He went on to say, “But the recession affecting the European country is also affecting our revenue.”

This year Ethiopia is expected to earn only about 60% of a projected $280 million. Tsegaye says that by trying to attract buyers from Dubai, Asia, Scandinavia, Russia and the United States – Ethiopia hopes to boost it’s income.

Mostly women are employed in flower farming, and the industry employs nearly 60,000 people.

[Via: Reuters]

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