Energising & Inspiring Summer Flowers: How To Add Brightness, Colour Pops & Stunning Indoor Home Decor

It’s a change of seasons. Time for a new look. Time to switch up your flowers fashion at home. Here’s a way for you to reinvigorate your home decor and brighten up your kitchen, dining room and other spaces for summer. Whether you are throwing a party, hosting a family celebration or simply want something fresh, you can feel energised and light for summer. These flowers decoration tips and floral arrangements will help you feel inspired:



Simple vases and tasteful summer flowers

One simple flowers decorating tip is to match the colour of your vase with your flowers. This monochromatic approach will be easy on the eye and soothing for the mind. It works even if you use different kinds of blooms and hues in the same room.

For example, you might pair a blue vase with a bouquet of blue hydrangeas, a cluster of delphiniums or bunch of violet hued asters. Also try a yellow ceramic vases with daffodils, daisies, marigolds, or Lily of the Nile. A clear glass vase or fishbowl arrangement is always another option. This can match well with any flower display.

And if you like pink, purple or magenta containers, you can try orchids, pastel coloured hyacinths, plum and dark purple irises. Or for a little bit of contrast, you might find that basic arrangements of yarrow, Queen Anne’s lace or berries the perfect choice.

“Your personal style, existing home decor and flowers fashion preferences guide your flowers design.” – I Heart New York

But if you feel creative and want to really add lots of colour to your home, try mixing and matching different flower arrangements. See what works best for you.

Feng Shui flowers for summer

Another easy summer home decorating project involves feng shui flowers. Keep your home environment beautiful with creatively designed floral displays and use good feng shui principles to reduce stress.  There are several different kinds of flowers used in feng shui. Some of them are peonies, the lotus flower, cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums, narcissus and orchids.  

Amalfi flower arrangement for same day flower delivery London and next day flower delivery UK. Summer flower centrepiecesIt is very easy to simply place a lotus flower, chrysanthemum, a sprinkle of cherry blossoms, or partly bloomed peony in a glass bowl with water. The effect is strikingly beautiful.

“The symbolism and power of feng shui flowers is believed to help people who set out flower displays at home.” – Detail Central

Feng shui flowers are good for financial prosperity, physical health, mental well being, fertility and spiritual growth.

“Orchids are an elegant flower promoting abundance and focus–or purity of mind–and can be put on display in home offices and on coffee tables or kitchen counters for visitors and family to enjoy.” – Da Ricardo’s

Indoor plant displays add colour and promote a soothing environment

Indoor plants displays and flowering plants are an easy, low-maintenance way to improve air quality, create a soothing ambiance, and add a dash of green or white as well as other colours to your home. Peace lilies, miniature rose bushes, jasmine, ivy, snake plants, succulents and other indoor plants are wonderful. Keep them inside and enjoy clean air and a sense of peace all summer long.

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