Electrified Flowers

Electrified Flowers

Nearly 80,000 volts of power were sent into flowers to make them into dazzling pieces of artwork.

By sending electricity through flowers and making photographs of them Robert Buelteman has created original works of art and has found a new way to capture the natural world on film. This effect is achieved by placing a flower on a metal board, through which electrical surges are sent through. This is all done in the dark and he can even choose exactly which parts of the flowers are to be lit up.

The radiation emitted by the flowers is not visible to the human eye, and these moments are captured with the help of a fibre optic cable, which is passed over the plant.

Buelteman gives a simplified explanation, “Another way to try and understand = it is like a normal photograph on a normal camera, except I am manually controlling the exposure by hand. In the same way the image I capture is simply burned onto film.”

[Via: Telegraph.co.uk]

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