Edible Flowers Take Over British Kitchens

Edible Flowers Take Over British Kitchens

Flowers are blooming in British kitchens everywhere. Not only do they add colour, aroma and texture to foods – they are also easily accessible as many flower types are local.

Recently at a flower show in Richmond, Surrey at Petersham Nurseries chef Skye Gyngell arranged a floral menu comprised of three courses. Some of the foods featured were: goat’s cheese, ricotta, Parma ham, rose syrup, grilled quail with a sauce made of Damask rose petals and spices.

Edible blooms were also featured at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Michael Balston designed a Growing Tastes kitchen garden featuring three different kinds of edible flowers, day lilies, which have lovely sweet flavour and can also be steamed; British nasturtiums, which are usually used in salads, finally, from the Mediterranean, the blue flower of borage mainly used in cocktails.

Generally, most flowers and herbs are good to eat, however it is a good idea to use an ounce of caution, as some of them can be toxic. It is also a good idea to avoid flowers that have been sprayed with pesticides and the white base of the petals can have a bitter taste so it is a good idea to discard them.

[Via: Times Online]

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