Eating Flowers and Keeping Goats

Eating Flowers and Keeping GoatsThe Community Garden for the West Seattle Edible Garden Fair had quite a busy weekend, offering various gardening demonstrations, plants and even selling female goats.

The main goal of this fair was to help residents get started on growing their own groceries. This event took place on Saturday at the South Seattle Community College landscape horticulture building, courtyard and nursery. The event was organized by Aviva Furman.

A class was held to help residents learn about cooking and using edible flowers. Dried calendula leaves, crackers with cream cheese and some flowers on the side were served.

But humans were not the only ones eating flowers as Lacia Lynne Bailey brought her miniature dairy goats along to the fair. In Seattle, it is legal to keep this type of goat if you don’t have a minimum 400 square-foot area. When these goats are pregnant they supply milk, and with many people having allergies to milk from cows, this is an ideal solution to many problems.

[Via: West Seattle Herald]

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