Easy to Grow Rudbeckias

The rudbeckia is a type of perennial that blooms for a long time. This is a flower, which is loved by both veteran gardeners and novice gardeners, is reliable and very “high performance.”

Easy to Grow Rudbeckias

Rudbeckias are colourful and easy to grow — this is why they have had a huge impact on the gardening world.

The most popular type of rudbeckia is called the R. Fulgida or “Goldstrum.”

The rudbeckia can also take on many roles in a garden as it comes in various shapes and sizes. They are great for borders, planting in big groups, and for planting between other perennials. This flower shares a lot of similarities with the daisy but there are some specific differences, which the gardener can notice.

The reason that rudbeckias have gained such a following is that they are just so easy to grow. They can thrive in partial shade or full sun in the most ordinary garden soil. This flower originally adapted to prairie and other dry conditions, though there are some varieties that need a slightly moist soil.

One more benefit of rudbeckias is that they provide you with colour for an extended period of time. They bloom anywhere from a few weeks to months.

[Via: The Peterborough Examiner]

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