Early Blooming Snowdrops and Snowflakes

Early Blooming Snowdrops and SnowflakesThough most of us are not expecting flower at this chilly time of year, snowdrops are soon going to popping up where we least expect them. There is also a flower that is quite similar to the snowdrop called the snowflake, and they often get mixed up, as they both like the cold.

The scientific name of snowflakes is Leucojum; this type of flower is native to the Mediterranean and North America, with about ten different types belonging to this type. The Snowdrop, or the aestivum is the flower that blooms a bit earlier. The snowflake has stalk that pokes up above the flower and looks much like a strap, usually holding about five flowers. At closer glance you can see that snowflakes have little green patches decorating the tips of their petals — this is the best way to differentiate the snowflake from the snowdrop.

The snowdrop on the other hand is a flower that is native to Europe and Asia Minor, and it has entirely white petals. One stalk bears only one flower. The snowdrop also tends to bloom in late winter or early spring, instead of spring like the snowflake.

Lily-of-the-valleys can also be confused with these flowers, but they bloom in the middle of spring so there is still a bit of a wait before we see their heads pop up, too.

[Via: examiner.com]

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