Due to Increased Pollution Flowers are Losing Their Scent

According to researchers flowers may no longer give off the sweet frangrances we are used to in the future. This is due to enormous amount of pollution found in the air.

Polluted FlowersFor flowers that do not have very strong scents, the stench of pollutants is much stronger than what they emit. In addition, the natural fragrance which flowers give off to draw in insects, is broken down by the harmful elements of pollution. What’s more, pollinating insects like, butterflies and bees are not attracted to the flowers, because pollution is reducing the distance which the scent of a flower can travel. Pollutants are also absorbed by flowers, this makes them uninviting to the insects needed to pollinate them.

It is said by scientists that this is also the reason for the deterioration of certain plants and insects.

The leading researcher on the issue, from the University of Virginia, Jose Fuentes says, “The greater the amount of pollutants in the air, the greater the rate of the destruction of flowers.”

Not only will men be unable to give their beloved ones, sweet smelling flowers but if things continue this way, we may see the extinction of some of our favorite flowers.

[Via: Telegraph.co.uk]

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