Drug Raid Because of Smelly Flower

The home of an elderly was recently raided because one of the plants in their garden smelled like cannabis.

Ivor and Margaret Wiltshire were quite shocked to see their door kicked down on return from holidays. Their garage and house had been searched from top to bottom.

Drug Raid Because of Smelly Flower

The police did not manage to find anything and went home empty-handed, the smell was caused by a flower that is called Moss Phlox.

This is not the first time the potted plant had been mistaken for marijuana.

A few days before the police raided the Wiltshire’s house, their neighbors were attacked by a gang in Halloween masks, demanding that they give them weed.

Ivor is 77 and a retired engineer, he got rid of the Phlox and received an apology from the police, who claimed that the raid was following “other investigations.”

Ivor, having no sense of smell was quite surprised saying, “We can’t believe such a small plant has caused so much trouble.”

[Via: The Sun]

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