Dried Flowers Preserving the Beauty of Summer

Dried Flowers Preserving the Beauty of SummerBoth visually and sensually, flowers used in potpourri or dried flowers provide beauty in the home.

Carrie Lovett of Clarke County dries flowers just for fun and her hobby has also become part of her business – Carrie’s Creations.

She arranges dried flowers for herself in vases and she says: “for my business, I do cards and picture frames.”

Even though Lovett has been drying flowers and herbs for nearly two decades she only started her business recently. She actually admits to not having a great interest in gardening. She visited the state arboretum in the early day to do some research for which flowers and scents make the best combinations.

She says: “I also pick my own flowers and do whatever appeals to me.”

Lovett says that drying flowers is not very difficult, but it is very much dependant on the flowers you choose to dry. People also need to remember that flowers need to be dried at their peak, and that they lose a bit of their colour during the process of drying.

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