Double Petal Flowers Giving Double the Colour

One mainstay of the late-summer garden is the double petal flower. Roses, camelia and the classic carnation can be found in this variety, giving your flowers double the petal power.

Double Petal Flowers Giving Double the Colour

About 2000 years ago this kind of flower was thought to be “monstrous,” the double flower is now seen as staple of the garden and they are most appreciated by gardeners in borders and beds at this time of year.

They are visually delightful during the grey months of fall as they have double-flowering plants, which are heavy with petals, giving twice the visual impact. The layers of colour given last from the end of summer into the dewy days of fall.

This type of flower also makes gardening more efficient as less plants are needed for one plot. The most popular flowers are now found in their double form at this time of year: chrysanthemums, dahlia, roses and heleniums are now blooming in their more intense form.

[Via: Daily Mail]

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