Desert Flowers in Tuscon

Desert Flowers in Tuscon

Spring in the United States is said to move northward at a rate of 100 miles per week. If a U.S. citizen goes down south, they can basically get a preview of the things to come. At this time of year it is best to make a trip to Tucson and the Sonoran Desert.

Though some of the flowers are different, the burst of colour and warm air is still the same. The desert is at its height of glory in March and April.

The most common flower in the desert at this time of year is the yellow brittlebrush, though there is a decline in growth as there was not enough rain last autumn.

What is most special about desert flowers is their untamed and fickle nature. Not as many flowers grow there and their lives are short. Usually they bloom, produce seeds and die in the span of about 6 weeks. Nonetheless, they are a feast for the human eye.


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