Delighting the World With Flowers

Delighting the World With FlowersSharon Lawson works on a very public canvas as a plant artist. Her job is to create pictures using flowers, to put colour and beauty into urban landscapes.

She has planted on Central Boulevard, Metrotown and Burnaby in Vancouver and has always had a great impact.

With her displays she wants to touch the hearts of passersbys and make people feel better when they are caught up in the rush of daily life.

Lawson says, “I like to give people some visual pleasure as they go about their business, I think if you have something pretty to look at, it makes you feel very good.”

For Burnaby she is the “sub-foreman of horticulture,” she is responsible for a majority of the flowerbeds in the city.

Lawson learned most of secrets like growing wallflowers, from a North Vancouver colleague. She learned that the trick was to sow the seeds of her flowers in June so she would have the right size of plants in September.

The biggest flowerbed Lawson is responsible for is at Central Boulevard at Metrotown. This consists of three island beds, which are fairly narrow and require nearly 4,000 plants to fill the space.


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