How to choose the perfectly decorated Christmas tree

That most special time of year is almost upon us – a time for family and friends, gift-giving, sprucing up the home with glorious decorations in red, green and gold and of course, picking our that perfectly decorated Christmas tree. Since Roman times having plants and trees in the home in wintertime have been reminders of life and joy, bringing freshness and colour at a time when the trees are bare and frost is on the ground. Evergreen trees are perfect as they stay green all year round unlike deciduous trees that turn beautiful shades of red and orange before dropping their leaves in autumn.

The first Christmas trees came to Britain in the 1830s, made popular by Queen Victoria’s German husband Prince Albert. And ever since they’ve had a very special place in the heart’s of families in Britain during Christmas time. But how to choose the perfect Christmas tree?

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Pick the right space

The living room is a popular space – whether in a well-lit corner or in front of the window to create a beautiful look from the street. It needs to be somewhere where everyone can appreciate it, so a living room is ideal to brighten and warm a room on winter nights when the family is huddled together. The hallway is also popular for smaller trees and is a lovely way to be greeted when you come home!

What to look for in the perfect tree

Bright, shiny needles are the sign of a healthy, freshly cut tree that will last longer than those that are browning. Give the tree a shake when making your choice: if lots of needles fall, best to give it a miss as it means it’s past its prime. Measure the space in your living room or hallway before buying a decorated Christmas tree- you don’t want to come home with a giant tree that will barely fit the space! You also don’t want a tree that’s too small and won’t look impressive in a large room.

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Types of decorated Christmas tree

  • Norway Spruce – this traditional Christmas tree type is a lovely, pyramid shape that’s perfect for decorations and will look attractive in the chosen space. However it does have the tendency to drop needles.
  • Nordmann Fir – a darker shade than the Norway Spruce, this tree has softer branches that are suited to fewer Christmas decorations. It’s an elegant, popular choice that holds its needles well.
  • Blue Spruce – a symmetrical tree with blue/grey leaves that have a lovely silvery effect.
  • Fraser Fir – this variety holds its needles very well and its dark feathery leaves make it an attractive choice.
  • Artificial Christmas tree – although initially more expensive than a real tree, artificial Christmas trees will last a lifetime and won’t drop their needles.

It’s best to buy your tree from trusted suppliers and go to see the tree before you buy it. For inspiration for winter flowers to complement your Christmas tree, head to a high quality, reputable events florist for lovely Christmas flowers like poinsettia, amaryllis and roses.

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