Dandelions Love 'em or Hate 'em

DandelionsNot all of the flowers that April showers bring are welcome in our gardens.

Dandelions are one of these blooms that have few friends and many enemies. There are some people who really enjoy seeing the little yellow flowers in their gardens, feeling that they are the true sign of spring.

Then there are others who know that dandelions are both delicious and nutritious if harvested before the flower blooms. Finally, there are even a few dandelion fans that make and drink a dandelion wine.

However, most gardeners absolutely hate them, considering them weeds that should be get rid of. Some even consider them an insult to their abilities in gardening. They are a bit of a pest as they host some plant diseases like aster yellows, which affects black-eyed Susan and other related flowers.

Every gardener has to make the decision to appreciate them or to fight against them. The best way to control this “weed” is proper watering, fertilizing and mowing.

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