Daisies Providing Blooms all Summer Long


Daisies are a great choice for any gardener for many reasons: they are easy to grow even for beginners, they spread so you can share them or use them elsewhere in the garden, and they are immune to disease. Moreover, this variety is also great because it attracts bees and butterflies and when cut it lasts for quite a long time.

A seven-year study was done recently on the Shasta daisy by the Chicago Botanic Garden. This daisy has a beautiful yellow eye and bright white petals, making it a favourite. The researches found that it grows best with bee balm, catmint, sage and ornamental grasses.

This type of daisy also likes well-drained soil in full sun, and needs to be deadheaded regularly as this will help them flower longer.

Other popular types of Shasta daisies are Amelia, Becky, Filigran and May Queen.

According to the botanical garden study, the most popular type of Shasta daisy is the Becky as it is dependable and sturdy.

[Via: dailypress.com]

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