Creative displays for small spaces

Order same day flowers to get started creating beautiful indoor looks no matter how big your home. Flowers are the perfect way to add colour and style to an apartment, and can be inexpensive additions. London flower delivery makes it easy to choose the desired blooms or plants online and get set creating looks for balconies or in the home. Even if budget is tight and the space available is small, there’s no doubt that beautiful, colourful looks can be created for any home and to reflect all styles and personalities. Select a London flower shop that has what you’re looking for (see below for inspiration) and order same flowers when the creativity flows!

Order same day flowers for beautiful budget looks

A small home and tight budget don’t have to mean you can’t enjoy the wellbeing boosting presence of colourful flowers. Display single blooms of large flowers in small vases – such as hydrangeas, peonies or dahlias. Or order flowers to be delivered today and take the bouquet apart displaying it in several vases around your space. Fuchsia Beauty is perfect: the abundance of lilies, roses and gerberas can be made into several stunning displays. To save money, choose flowers that are in season or go for cheaper varieties like baby’s breath, carnations or gladioli. These flowers are nonetheless beautiful and won’t break the bank. For a long lasting and zero maintenance option, silk flowers could be the right choice for you – they are colourful and realistic and will last forever with a bit of dusting and when kept away from direct sunlight.



Balcony blooms

You may not have a garden, but a balcony can be transformed into one with purchases from garden shops and expert florists. Garden pots, window boxes and hanging baskets are all great options to grow flowers in – and even herbs and vegetables for a mini kitchen garden. Geraniums, pansies and sunflowers are all great choices for balconies and patios. Plant spring flowers like hydrangeas and crocuses now to make sure there’s an abundance of colour awaiting you in spring. Bamboo is another option to create a zen garden feel – it’s low maintenance but very attractive. Order same day flowers and get started creating a beautiful miniature garden today!

Balcony blooms london corporate flowers

Balcony blooms London florist

Go green with indoor plants

Cacti are great, low maintenance options for busy professionals and many are flowering varieties are available from top UK florists. An exotic arrangement of several varieties is a great choice for a small home. There are many flowering plants to choose from that will brighten up a kitchen or living room. In order to have hyacinths and daffodils blooming in spring, be sure to plant them in the next few months, or go for a tropical option with a red anthurium plant arranged for same day delivery. Succulents are ideal for humid bathrooms and come in many sizes – some can be small enough to fit in a teacup so they certainly don’t take up much space.

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