Crazy Weather and Thousands of Flowers at the Woodland Festival

There was strange weather and even stranger music to start off the Woodland Tulip Festival in Washington, making for a lively start of the annual event.

Woodland Festival FlowersThe show is held every year at Holland America Bulb Farms and there are many kinds of tulips featured — all the colors of the rainbow are present.

This year the festival began with a blast of cool windy weather. Russell Prewitt, a bagpiper, provided the music for the visitors of the farm. There was really no explanation for the Scottish bagpipes introducing the Tulips from Holland. Prewitt simply said, “It’s a haunting sound. Whether you are playing in the forest or in the tulips it just fits.”

Admissions are free for the festival, and it was only supposed to last for a week but has been extended.

Though only the tougher tulip lovers came out as the weather has been fairly nasty for the time of the festival with a couple of hailstorms to make things worse.

The tulips have been protected from the hail with the help of an anti-hail machine, allowing the sightseers the best of the tulips.

Many children and adults attended the festival, buying fresh cut, and potted flowers. In addition to the flowers there was food and drink to keep the crowds entertained.

[Via: The Columbian]

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