Get Creative with Colourful Summer Flower Arrangements

With the bright sunlight and loving warmth of the summer sun, these mid-year months are surely all about a celebration of colour. Gardens and parks spring into life and the long days are a time when the bounties of nature and it’s vibrant flowers are show off in all their splendour. Florists have a fabulous array of blooms to choose from – crafted bouquets or simple cut blooms ready for that dash of creativity. Read on for some inspiration for how to make the most of colourful summer flowers.

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Powerful pink

Undeniably feminine, pink summer flower bouquets can nevertheless pack a punch. It’s a colour traditionally associated with love, and can also be seen as a sign of hope. It’s versatile and exhibited by a variety of splendid flowers, including roses, lilies, orchids and sweet peas.

Pastel and softer shades are favourite for weddings, but bright or dark shades create striking looks to catch the eye. Hot pink lilies burst open like glorious fireworks and add a dash of colour to the living room or entrance hall. They also make a great gift for dinner party hosts or a loved one.

Pink is also the colour of exotic flowers, conjuring images of rainforests and romantic islands. Deep purple calla lilies and blossoming peonies make up a breathtaking display. The sumptuous green leaves envelope the textured flowers in an emerald sheen.

Summer yellow

There’s no doubt about it, yellow is surely the colour of summer. Fields of wheat glimmer in the sunshine like spun gold, sunflowers turn their heads to the sky and buttery blooms are everywhere to enjoy. Yellow is the colour of happiness, too, and there’s no doubt the warmest season brings joy to those living in the UK.

Roses, daisies and freesias come in the colour of egg yolk and make delightful partners to cream and ivory flowers. There’s nothing twee about a bold bouquet of joyous sunflowers: their lemon yellow petals and inky centres are nestled in bright greenery to create a halo of colour for a perfect summer flower arrangement. Summer Breeze again plays with soft shades of white and green to complement yellow roses.

Moody Blue

Blue is a go-to colour for those looking for summer flowers reflecting days by the cool water at the seaside and the halcyon skies above. It’s a calming colour; far from sad, this shade brings a sense of tranquillity to the home.

In summer, cool blue hyacinths make cloud-like formations: standing alone in glass vases or arranged with white flowers and pastel greenery. A carnival bouquet sees water-loving hyacinths starring alongside crimson roses for a riotous display! For more blue inspiration think dyed blue roses, cornflowers and hyacinths.

Ready for red

It’s true that red flowers are more generally associated with winter and of course, romance. But arranged the right way, scarlet beauties can make the perfect summertime displays. Deep red lilies, gerberas and roses are upgraded with striking tropical foliage and birds of paradise flowers. And hot red ginger flowers vaulting from spiky eucalyptus stems is an equally modern and summery look for red flowers.

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