Climbing Hydrangeas Bringing Interest to the Garden

Climbing Hydrangeas Bringing Interest to the GardenThough it gets off to a slow start, climbing hydrangea might be the next plant to consider for an empty spot in your garden. This plant can provide interest for just about any season, and it can cover up the parts of your backyard you are not satisfied with.

This vine does not need all that much care, you can give it some fertilizer at the beginning of spring and the end of summer. It may need some watering if there is drought, and only the vines that see a lot of sun have a tendency to wilt.

This plant is a true beauty as it produces beautiful clusters of lacy white flowers, which create a great contrast with the dark green leaves. If the blooms do wilt then they can easily be pruned off. During the autumn, this plant changes to a bright yellow, bringing just as much interest to the garden.

[Via: The Canadian Press]

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